Business Forum Date

Kenya is scheduled to hold a Business Forum between Kenyan and Kazakhstan business communities on 29th August this year at the World Expo in Astana, Kazakhstan, as a means of increasing trade volumes with the far East countries, Principal Secretary for Trade Dr Chris Kiptoo said today. Dr Kiptoo who was addressing Addressing African Commissioners General at the Africa Plaza which houses 22 African countries, disclosed that Kenya’s national day at the Expo would be celebrated on 28th August and thereafter followed by a mini-marathon on 30th August. This year’s World Expo which officially opened last Saturday was attended by 22 Presidents and Heads of Government, among them President Putin of Russia, Xi Jinping of China and Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

Currently, Kenya exports tea, coffee and edible nuts and textiles, among other products. The PS said the Africa Plaza presented an ideal stage for participating African countries to showcase a more accurate picture of the continent devoid of stereotypes besides establishing a positive and more real image. He explained that the Expo whose theme is “Future Energy” gave the world and visitors an opportunity to appreciate the rich and vast resources in the continent, particularly energy, cultural and natural heritage, World expositions are global events have in recent times gained prominence as platforms for economic, scientific, technological and cultural exchanges, while at the same time, serving as important frameworks for displaying historical experiences and exchange of innovative ideas that attempt to provide solutions to specific global challenges facing mankind, including sustainable development. Participating countries also showcase their best cultural, industrial, trade and scientific innovations.

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