Cabinet Secretaries Present
    Director Division on Technology and Logistics UNCTAD
    Programme Director GIZ
    Principal Secretaries Present
    Members of the Private Sector and Development Partners Present
    Staff from Ministries, Departments and Agencies

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    It is a great privilege and honor to stand before you today on this 
    important event—the official launch of the Kenya National Ecommerce

    Strategy. This moment represents a significant leap
    forward for our nation as we embrace the transformative power of
    digital trade. 
    I extend a warm welcome to all our distinguished guests, partners, and
    stakeholders who have joined us in celebrating this moment. Your 
    presence here today underscores the collaborative spirit that has 
    brought us to this juncture, and I thank each of you for your
    unwavering commitment to our shared vision. 
    Allow me to acknowledge the support and collaboration of our
    international partners, including the United Nations Conference on
    Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and GIZ. Their insights, expertise
    and support have been invaluable in shaping a strategy that not only
    meets national aspirations but also aligns with global best practices. 
    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    Due to the rapid evolution and ever changing nature of this sector 
    over the years, the importance of e-commerce cannot be
    overlooked. The sector has ensured connectivity of the global
    community through various platforms and has created numerous
    opportunities through the sharing of information and digital content
    on various issues including trade, finance, education, health and
    business among others. 
    The growth of the ecommerce sector in Kenya has been
    commendable with the country being a leader in digital trade in both
    the African continent and globally. This has been through the steady
    growth of digital content creation and innovation hubs which
    channel out e-commerce content daily to the global e-market
    therefore providing a platform for Kenyan goods and services. The
    combined revenues from the sector were projected to grow by
    US$2,928.00bn in 2023 with a large share of this revenues being
    accrued by the Small and Medium Enterprises as well as youth
    enterprises. This contributes to the creation of employment
    opportunities and nurturing of digital talents by these enterprises. 

    Distinguished Guests,
    The Digital and Creative Economy is one of the key priorities outlined 
    under the Bottom Up Economic Transformation (BETA) Agenda which
    is aimed at job creation and income growth for the Kenyan
    population. The Kenya National E-commerce Strategy that we launch
    today is therefore not just a policy document. It is a testament to our
    commitment to creating an environment where businesses can thrive,
    where entrepreneurs can innovate, and where every citizen can
    participate in the digital economy.  
    In crafting this strategy, we have considered the challenges and
    opportunities presented by the digital revolution. We recognize the
    need for a dynamic and adaptable approach that ensures the
    inclusivity of all stakeholders, from established businesses to budding
    entrepreneurs, from urban centers to the remotest corners of our
    nation. It encompasses a comprehensive set of initiatives that aim to
    enhance our competitiveness on the global stage, drive job creation,
    and empower our citizens through digital inclusion. 

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    The role played by various stakeholders in the implementation of this 
    strategy cannot therefore go unnoticed. It is important to note that
    various stakeholders including; government ministries, departments
    and agencies, the private sector, and small and medium enterprises
    were all involved in the development of this strategy. As we embark
    on this transformative journey, I wish to express our sincere
    appreciation to this dedicated team that tirelessly worked to develop
    and fine-tune this strategy. Your expertise, insights, and commitment
    to this cause have been indispensable, and we are grateful for your
    hard work. 
    As I conclude, allow me to once again thank our development
    partners UNCTAD and GIZ for their technical and financial support
    towards the development and actualization of the Kenya   National
    E-Commerce Strategy. We at the State Department for Trade look
    forward to collaborating with you in ensuring the full implementation
    of the Strategy to realize its objective of promoting the growth and
    development of the e-commerce sector in Kenya. 

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