The Director Division on Technology and Logistics, UNCTAD
    Programme Director GIZ
    Cabinet Secretaries Present
    Principal Secretaries Present 
    Development Partners Present
    Members of the Private Sector and 
    Staff from Ministries, Departments and Agencies
    Ladies and Gentlemen 

    1. It is with great pleasure and a sense of pride that I stand before you today
    on this momentous occasion—the official launch of the Kenya National Ecommerce
    Strategy. As we gather here, we mark a significant milestone in our nation's journey
    towards harnessing the power of the digital economy and positioning Kenya as a key  player in the global e-commerce
    2. I extend a warm welcome to each one of you, representing various sectors,
    industries, and stakeholders who have contributed tirelessly to the
    formulation and realization of our National E-commerce Strategy. Your
    presence here this morning reflects a shared commitment to innovation,
    economic growth, and the advancement of our great nation.
    3. Allow me to recognize and appreciate the invaluable support we have
    received from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
    (UNCTAD) and GIZ, whose commitment and collaboration have played a
    crucial role in bringing us to this juncture. Our appreciation also goes to
    government ministries, departments and agencies, the private sector, and
    small and medium enterprises all of who were involved in the successful
    development of the National E-commerce strategy. 
    Ladies and Gentlemen;
    4. In a world that is rapidly evolving, where borders are becoming less defined 
    in the digital realm, our approach to trade and commerce must adapt to
    these transformative changes. The Kenya National E-commerce Strategy is
    not just a document. It our visionary response to the opportunities and 
    challenges presented by the digital age. The Strategy lays the foundation
    for a dynamic, inclusive, and sustainable digital economy that empowers
    businesses and individuals alike. It is indeed a testament to our dedication
    to fostering an environment that enables businesses to thrive, encourages
    innovation, and ensures that no one is left behind in the digital revolution. 
    5. The development of the E-Commerce Strategy, Ladies and Gentlemen,
    comes at an opportune moment when our Government through the
    Bottom Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA) intends to promote
    the digitalization of its services to make them more accessible to the public
    as well as support the growth of enterprises within this sector through
    enforcement and implementation of various laws, regulations, policies and
    6. It is expected that the Implementation of the Strategy will lead to creation
    of an enabling environment for the development in Kenya of trusted ecommerce
    services accessible to and used by all. The strategy is envisioned to

    enhance provision of timely and accessible information through ecommerce to spur both domestic and international trade, through
    enhanced product range, standards and ability of Kenyan producers to
    respond to export market requirements. This will in turn help to address the
    country’s persistent global trade balance deficit. 
    7. The Strategy will also assist not only in strengthening the existing ecommerce

    initiatives established by our Government to create job
    opportunities, but also facilitate the actualization of national and regional
    policies as well as implementation of strategies upon which e-commerce
    initiatives in the country are embedded, including the Bottom-Up Economic
    Transformation Agenda. 

    Distinguished Guests, 
    8. A strong institutional framework is outlined in the Strategy to ensure its full
    implementation and achievement of its intended results. The cross-cutting
    nature of the strategy requires that many different parties from the public
    sector as well as the private sector be involved in its implementation. These
    parties include government ministries, departments and agencies, county
    governments, and representatives of commerce, industry, and consumers
    led by the Ministry of Investments, Trade and Industrialization (MITI) will in
    liaison with the Ministry of Information, Communications and Digital
    Economy (MOIC&DE). 
    9. I call upon all stakeholders to pull in one direction by playing their roles as
    outlined in the implementation plan of the Strategy so as to ensure its
    seamless implementation for the benefit of all in the e-commerce sector. 
    As we unveil this strategy today, let us reaffirm our commitment to its
    effective implementation to unleash the full potential of our digital
    economy and ensure that every Kenyan can participate and benefit from
    the opportunities that e-commerce presents. 

    In conclusion, Ladies and Gentlemen, 
    10. Allow me to once again thank our development partners UNCTAD and GIZ
    for their unwavering support towards the development and actualization
    of the Kenya E-Commerce Strategy and express my sincere gratitude to
    everyone who played a role in the development of the Strategy
    11. I look forward to our future collaboration with all stakeholders in the sector
    as we endeavor to promote the growth and development of the ecommerce
    sector in Kenya.

    Thank you. 

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